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Request U-Space Access

Access to the U-Space system is granted to University of Minnesota employees who have a business need to use space data and floorplans in the performance of their work. A formal access request process is required. The steps to receive authorization to use the U-Space system are as follows:

1) Complete and submit access request form using this link:

Link to Space and Access Role Assignment Request Form (ARF).

Follow the Access Request Form (ARF) 3 step instructions shown at the top of the OIT data security page. Fill out the main form and access to the U-Space application. Find the U-Space form under the "Miscellaneous Applications" section. After you have filled out all the required forms, fax them to OIT Security at x5-0303 for processing. The OIT Helpline Number is 612-301-HELP should you need assistance. Once your request has been approved by OIT Security, they will forward your forms to Planning, Space, and Real Estate (PSRE) for final approval. We will activate your access to U-Space and notify you when you can access the space system.

2) Once the access process is complete, contact PSRE to set up training. The system is very intuitive, but there will be some training involved to help you to get the most out of it. A formal training session generally takes an hour and a half to two hours and is highly recommended. Training options include: 

  • A full group training session, hosted by PSRE staff. The first portion of the class is step by step instruction and the second portion is hands on where each participant signs on to the system and practices accessing data and floorplans.
  • Individual training at your desktop with PSRE staff
  • Training on your own using the applicable U-Space User's Manuals which can be found by selecting the U-Space button on the Resources tab. Click on the user manual link located on the right-hand side of the page
  • Video tutorials that provide a simple way to brush up on how to perform specific tasks