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Office and Lab Relocation Guide

While the Office of Space Management does not manage office and lab relocations for university departments, we are happy to offer some direction in the form of this relocation guide. The following information, helpful hints, and links to university services are provided to assist university departments in planning their office and lab relocations (for a list of Office of Space Management services, follow the the Services link on the left hand side of the page): Following a move of any type, it is important that the designated Departmental Space Coordinator (DSC) update records in U-Space to reflect the move from the old location to the new.

Determine if you are:

Renovating new space before a move

Contact Capital Planning & Project Management at for assistance with the following project steps:

  1. Scope Development
  2. Design & Code Review
  3. Cost Estimates
  4. Construction

The Project Request form that is needed to initiate a construction project can be found at

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Moving into University space without renovating

If you are moving into university space, it is likely that you will need to arrange for:

  1. Telephone and Communications Service – contact NTS at for assistance. On the left hand side of the page, under the Help & Support section, click on the Request & Manage Services link. On the page that launches, click on the order request form and follow the instructions to place your request.
  2. Movers – Purchasing Services manages university-wide contracts with two moving companies listed on their website at Scroll to the U-Wide Contracts & Contractor listing and click on the link. On the left-hand side of the page that launches under the Find Contract By section, click on Product Category link. Clicking on the letter "M" will take you to all categories beginning with that letter. Under the Moving – Office, Lab Equipment & Furniture section are the authorized vendors to select to assist with your departmental move.
    • Contact a mover to arrange a tour of your existing and new spaces for the purpose of providing a move estimate
    • Discuss the move date and time, when and what type of packing materials would be delivered, and the packing material retrieval date
    • A move coordinator should be appointed to coordinate all the move details and to be the central point of contact for staff
    • An information sheet like the Move Notes to Know (Word document) should be completed and provided to each staff member who will move
    • On move day, there should be one person assigned to man the existing space and one assigned to man the new space to answer questions, be a point of contact, and generally direct move activities. Generally speaking, all other staff/faculty/students should stay away from the area until after the move is complete and computers and phones have been connected.
  3. Mail Delivery – contract Addressing & Mailing Services at or call 626-0222 for assistance with:
    1. Arranging for mail service to your new location
    2. Determining the new mail code
    3. Determining the new mail drop location
    4. US Mail contact information to arrange for US Mail deliver

    See checklist for added assistance When Departments Move (Word document).

  4. Keys – contact the Department of Central Security at for assistance with:
    1. Ordering Keys for your new location
    2. Disposing of old keys
    3. Proximal Building Access (where available)
  5. Signage – contact the sign shop at for instructions on ordering office and directional signage as well as updates to building directories as available
  6. Updating your Website – work with your web design professional to have any location information on your website updated with the new address
  7. Computer & Printer Tech Support – contact your tech support team to schedule their time to disconnect and reconnect your computers and other business equipment using their established protocols.
  8. Copier Relocation – if your copier has a maintenance agreement, contact the service provider to inquire about relocation requirements. Some agreements require that your service provider relocate the copier while others will give pre-move stow instructions that will allow your contracted moving company to relocate. Be sure to follow the instructions that apply as failure to do so may result in nullifying the maintenance agreement.
  9. Updating University Directory – work with your Human Resources professional to update the university directory for the department and each staff person
  10. Trash & Recycling Receptacles – call 625-6481 to arrange to have recycling bins delivered to your department after the move if recycling bins are not currently present in the space

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Moving to non-University leased space with no renovation

If you are considering Non University Leased Space, contact the Real Estate Office for assistance at

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Other Move Policy and Pre-Move Information to Consider

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